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Receive a personalized tax report and consult with our advisory team at no cost.

This tax report delivers customized observations unique to your situation. Earned is pleased to offer this service free of charge as an educational tool for physicians to learn more about financial wellness.

Get tailored recommendations to better prepare you for tax season.

Step 1: Schedule your consult with our advisory team to review your customized tax report with:

  • Tailored recommendations to help you be better prepare for the coming tax season
  • Tax hints based on your state
  • Snapshot overview of your Medicare Premium rates and other tax tier information

Step 2: Submit your 2022 tax return in the secure portal.


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What to expect from your 30-minute consult


Personalized Advice

Review observations specific to your financial situation and how they might affect the upcoming tax season.


State Tax Hints

Review state-specific tax savings opportunities, curated by our Wealth Advisor.



Ask questions you have about the intricacies of your unique tax situation to get an expert's opinion.

Earned: The First Comprehensive Wealth Management Solution, Exclusively for Physicians


Results oriented

Totally independent and impartial, we’re never incentivized to recommend particular products. Your wealth and wellbeing are our priority


Rooted in science

With open and rigorous practices, we'll always share the scientific basis for our recommendations, including the impact on your wealth.


Centered around you

As a registered fiduciary, we’re legally obligated to act in your best interest. If something isn't right for you, it's not right for us either.

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